Ever since the introduction of mobile devices, our use of digital technology is more instinctive. A kind of 'fusion' occurred between man and machine; swiping a screen has become as natural as turning a page. Based on this observation, ten students in the last year of their master's from ECV Bordeaux proposed a project identifying 10 "digital" actions: Drag & Drop, Spread and Squeeze, Swipe, Double Tap, Scroll, Zoom, Rotate, Draw, Press, Press & Hold. Under the direction of Guillaume & Alexandre (TazasProjet), 'Digital Gestures' became an interactive book/prototype, and metaphor for the human body's physiological senses. The project is based on the use of four components: a web server (VPS), an Arduino Bluetooth (linking objects to the elements contained on the server), an iPod Touch (screen) and conductive ink (universal binder between different physical elements). Arranged in a wooden base, an iPod decrypts the screen-printed pages filed on its left. By placing an illustrated page on the support and touching a specific key, the viewer can interact with the screen in order to understand the illustration. This experimental reflection raises many questions about the conditioning that man receives from the machine by accepting these precepts without altering their function. What will become of our so-called 'daily' gestures? Will they become more and more governed by our machines? The answers will be formed by our actions.

Authors : Audrey Belaud, Laura Beneteau, Julien Bogino, Vincent Lataste, Alexandre Magne, Sarah Manteau, Arthur Molinos, Bahia Saidi, Audrey Santilli, Simon Villaret.

Direction : Guillaume Beinat & Alexandre Suné