opera opera opera

The signs of the times are building and coordinating our interpretations.

"To wait", could translate as; how a result is understood as opposed to real time* synonymous of the result. Man and computer maintain an ongoing discussion based on action-consequence. The permanent immediacy showed by computer science develops and stimulates our dependence on "digital requests". Thus, the formulation of an appropriate response (under the guise of digital processing), remains difficult to build. Offering an insight into humanity, "waiting for a sign" is a sensitive representation of what's yet to come. The installation reveals the invisible, be it digital, audio or video. Invited by the Smoyer gallery, Alexandre Suné and Guillaume Beinat (Tazasproject) present their dynamic visualization of "wait".

Through several interactive creations, visitors are encouraged to wait, watch, listen, affirm... To the left of the entrance, "Through elapsed time", films the gallery in real time, like a mirror of the past / present. Moving on, a digital display "WFAS" decodes the construction of the exhibition title. This abstract and visual reading continues with "Smoyer field", where small LEDs reveal ambient electromagnetic fields. In this space where the visible and invisible are connected, an interactive bell translates coded messages in Morse. Finally, picking up the headphones of "Star Messages", in reference to NASA's SETI program, allows visitors to get fully immersed in the exhibition.

* Understood in a computing context