Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There was coordinated by Guillaume Beinat and Alexandre Sune, and run during a digital communication course in ECV Aquitaine School. Eight master's degree students have aimed to achieve a livre-objet whose pages trigger an animated digital extension of the book. The project was conducted in three phases. The first was to choose a short passage from Lewis Carroll's book; each text being the main element on which to base a formal language which interpreted the meaning of the text. The second phase allowed each student to create their own interactive storyline to animate. Finally, by using interaction as an element with which to create, we were able to open doors leading to the invisible, the motion designs echoing Hans Richter's experimental video work. Students hid visual and audible content within the work of Lewis Carroll and immersed us in a "hyper-graphic" work of fiction. / / Students: Annabelle Regent / Romain Benard / William Ruiz / Nina Bouchaud / Marie-Juliette Lelorieux / Jerome Perez / Maxime Baridon / Marie Pujolle.