The Tazas project has often sought to make visible, the invisible. In this case we are making audible, the inaudible. The biodiversity theme of the climax festival is one that touches us and brought us to reflect on the echoes and signals that nature can develop outside of seasonal rhythms. Developed specificly for Parc Palmer (Cenon, France), "Essaims sonores" is an interactive installation broadcasting the "inaudible sounds" of the earth.

Two waterproof boxes, each composed of a seismograph and an FM transmitter, are buried in the earth. There they capture in real time the vibrations of the ground and using FM waves, send as sound signals the seismograph's pulses to wooden "hives". The "hives" are hung in the tree canopies with speakers inside them emitting the transmitted FM signal. Slightly amplified according to the sound source, they allow a delicate listening experience, without corrupting the intrinsic property of the sampled sounds or the ambient sounds around the tree.

This installation testifies to the internal activity of Palmer Park. Its expanse of land becomes the concrete, natural instrument, and resource of invisible perceptions. "Essaims sonores" composes and develops a sound space in real time, unique and imprecise, which can be harmonic or discordant. The experiment makes it possible to create an audial visualization of our ecosystem. It highlights the interactions between these two aspects of our reality, playing between immateriality and the ephemeral, between fragility and renewal.