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Initially, we had the question of how to represent that which does not exist. As far back as they go, currencies have always had certain features: an identity, a format, & a physical form. Bitcoin is dematerialized. In other words, it has no physical "reality". It exists outside of all that we think of when we think of a currency.

Fascinated by the images from the internet which gave first "representation" to Bitcoin, we at Tazas had the idea, as a numismatist would, of casting Bitcoin as a collector's item. Inspired by contextual stereotypes, the work was drawn and then printed in two colors (gold & copper) in two series. One limited to 40. The other to 10.

The idea of limited edition is a common one at Tazas. We have for a long time had limited edition print series which played with the language and symbolism around digital trends.

However, for Bitcoin, two ideas around the artistic object were discussed. The first is a tribute to Andy Warhol, and his 1962 work, "200 One Dollar Bills". A first a serigraphy representing 48 Bitcoin was born. The drawing of bitcoin allows us to give a "first" image to the series. After this first roll, we worked on the idea of a unique "connected" print: to connect the silkscreened image of a bitcoin with its value in Euros, in real time.

Lastly, to perfect this concept, Tazas offers for purchase these works* at the cost of one Bitcoin, whose value in Euros is ephemeral and dependant on the uncontrollable fluctuation of the market.

* iconic representations of the first virtual currency.

Production : © tazasproject a.k.a Guillaume Beinat & Alexandre Suné
Partner : Art et cadres Toulouse.
Photos : © Damien Warcollier